Sunday, May 7, 2017

Striped Lace Braid

Hello friends,

     I hope you have a lovely new week!  I love the month of May, it always seems colorful and fresh.  This morning I braided my hair in a side 4-strand waterfall braid.  I debated what to do next, and the idea came to me to make a lace braid on the opposite side, but add in the loose strands from my waterfall braid.  I love the stripes, they just match my dress :-)  This hairstyle has lasted all day long, without looking very fuzzy at all.  Instead of making a side bun, I opted to loop my braid over one shoulder.

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  1. Very clever Andrea, I've never seen a looped braid like that before!

  2. Have a beautifull week dear friend , so nice the pictures from Japan.
    God Bless You xxx