Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Tribal Mohawk Braided Ponytail

Hi everyone,

     Today I wore a simple dress that has a tribal pattern to the material, so I fixed my hair in a Mohawk style to match.  My braid is a version of a fishtail braid called a hybrid braid.  The basic concept is the same as a fishtail, except you use extremely large pieces of hair instead of tiny pieces.  That's why this braid looks not quite like a French braid, but not quite like a fishtail.  I love it because it lasts all day long without getting fuzzy, always a plus to any braid in my opinion.

     Thanks so much for coming to see my pictures!  I wish you a wonderful day.


Easy to see why this is called a "crab ginger"


And in case you missed it, a colorful Elsa braid was my post a few days ago~

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