Sunday, September 10, 2017

Rapunzel at Tokyo Disney Sea

Hello friends,

     I knew I regret it if I didn't wear my dress again to Tokyo Disney Sea, so I did!  How amazing is this theme park, I love it.  The scenery, the atmosphere, the rides, not to mention the people~ all of them having a great time just like you are.  How sweet to meet other Rapunzels throughout the day.

     This time my braid was a bit different, I made a waterfall mermaid braid on the top, then put my length into a side ponytail.  I braided my ponytail in a pull-through braid with a small three-strand braid running through it, and added colorful flower and butterfly clips to complete the Rapunzel effect.  Thank you so much for viewing my post, I wish you a lovely day.


My sister met a group of friends who dressed up as characters from an amazing stage show at Tokyo Disney Sea~

This little Rapunzel was sooo sweet <3

Such a beautiful spot to take pictures~


Captain Mickey at the helm~

Outside the Tower of Terror~ is that a ghost walking behind me?!


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  1. Wishing you a very lovely Sunday beautiful Rapunzel
    Thank you for sharing this amazing pictures,here