Monday, January 14, 2013

Figure 8 Braided Buns~ my look for today

Well...actually my look for yesterday...but I'm only getting around to posting the pictures today.

Yesterday I tried to do the figure 8 braided buns~ first I pinned the top part of my hair to add volume, then I put the lower part into two ponytails. I braided the hair in my two ponytails, and wrapped the first one up into a braided bun but left the last foot of hair out of the bun. I made the next braided bun and did the same thing. Then I took the left-over braid from one side and wrapped it around the opposite bun, and visa versa. That was as close as I could come to imitating a look I've seen in pictures on the internet of the figure 8 braided buns.

Here are my pictures:

Thank you for looking! I hope you have a good day, wherever in the world you are. It's so much fun to share pictures with friends like you.


  1. I love looking at your photos, they are really inspirational.

    My hair is only tailbone length but one day I am hoping it will be longer.

    I would love to see what your hair looks like when it is braided. Are your braids so long that you have to bun them or is it just personal preference? If your hair is ankle length then how long is your braid(s)?


  2. Haha, yes, I'll have to remember that for later. My hair is too long to wear my braid down full length, so sometimes I make a loop and ponytail-holder it closer to the nape of my neck...this sounds like a good idea for another hair post!

  3. That's a very cute style! I think I can accomplish that with classic+ hair...I'll give it a go!

    I'm enjoying your site very much! ♥

  4. Good for you! Thank you so much for the compliment.