Friday, January 18, 2013

Tear-Drop Bun

Hello everybody!

I like to call this the "tear-drop" bun. To add interest, I started out by making a small Mohawk French braid. (From my other posts you've probably noticed that I seem to like doing the Mohawk look :-)

To make my bun, I first put my hair into a ponytail. Then I took a small section of hair and made a loop, and pinned the loop in place close to my ponytail holder. Each section of hair was long enough to make several loops. Here is my finished look:

Thank you for looking! I'm going to have to take new length pictures soon, my hair seems to be even longer lately. Another day, another post <3



  1. There's gotta be a lot of hair pins close to the ponytail! :)
    It looks awesome and I might try it one day!
    I love your hairstyles!

  2. Yes, there were a lot of hairpins involved with this updo! Thank you so much for your kind comments, I really enjoy sharing these pictures with you all.

  3. You're very welcome~ thanks for looking!

  4. I love this hairstyle! It is soo pretty! It almost reminds me of a Victorian hairstyle of sorts. Definitely something I'll have to try sometime. :D Thanks for sharing!


    1. Aww, thank you so much :-) I really enjoy this hairstyle, too, and it lasts all day long. (Must be because of all the bobby pins!)