Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Triple French braids~ my look for today

Hi everybody!

I hope your year has gone great so far! Mine has been really nice. There's something so invigorating about a new year~ like a fresh start!

I had thought about doing the criss-crossed Dutch braid look today, but I didn't really have the time or the patience.  So I ended up doing triple French braids instead.  I braided the three braids together at the bottom and made that braid into a low bun. Here are some pictures~ my sister took these for me:

I really do like French braids...such an easy way to make your hairstyle look dressy :-)
I have pictures of my sister's hairstyle for Christmas Day that I forgot to upload earlier! So be sure to check out my next post when I get it uploaded. She did a beautiful sock bun with flower accents to match her dress...
Anyway, thanks for looking! I'm almost at 3,000 page views~ so exciting!  I appreciate you all so much! 

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