Sunday, January 25, 2015

4-strand French braid in the sunshine~ my first hairstyle video outside!

Hi everybody,

After several requests from different friends, last week I made my first hairstyle video outside!  You can see the full-length of my hair as I braid it in a 4-strand French braid.  My favorite part about this braid is that it looks like a French braid on one side and a Dutch braid on the other.  Here are some pictures of my final look, after I wrapped the end of my braid up and clipped it in place.  I show the full-length of my braid in my video, so be sure to visit my Youtube channel, too!
     Thank you so much for following me here and also on Youtube.  I appreciate each view, comment, like, and share!  Maybe soon I will reach 500 subscribers, thanks to you all :-)  And now for some hair pictures~ the link to my video is at the bottom of this post.




  1. Hi you & your hair are quite simply breathtakingly beautiful! I've subbed to your channel and I think your a truly loverly woman, a real life rapunzel, which is both excellent and rare these days to see lol. Your briad is so thick, lucious & elegant. Congratulations on having such long and beautiful hair. It's not just a symbol of beauty but it also shows true elegance, inner strength, patience and traditionalism. I hope more and more women accross the world can be inspired by your videos and blogs to grow out their hair and never cut it. As short hair isn't anywhere near as good as long hair on a woman I believe.

    Thanks for sharing & I hope you never ever ur your hair. Your a true all and awe inspiring natural beauty, all the very best to you angel and much love from the UK 😍 x

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my hair, how sweet of you to let me know. Thanks for following my blog and videos! All the best to you, from Micronesia :-)