Thursday, January 15, 2015

Micronesian Girl~ How to Use Fresh Coconut on Your Hair

Hi everybody,

I am so excited to share a new video with you~ my Micronesian friends demonstrate their way to use fresh coconut as hair conditioner and body lotion, and have a tasty treat at the same time!  If you have ever wondered how island girls have such long, silky black hair, this is their secret.  Coconut milk is also amazing for your skin~ my friends who use it have perfect skin with not a sign of wrinkle at all :-)
     Thank you for watching our video!  You may recognize some of the hairstyle pictures at the end.  All these and more can be found in different posts here on my blog~ just click on the "Micronesian Girl" picture link in the side bar.

How to use fresh coconut oil as a hair conditioner:
1. Shampoo your hair.
2. Apply the freshly squeezed coconut milk to your hair, from top to bottom.
3. Rinse your hair off in cool water.

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