Thursday, January 29, 2015

5-strand Dutch braid

Hi friends,

Today I tried making a 5-strand Dutch braid for the first time, and was very excited with the results.  I've done a French braid version before, but today instead of starting out by crossing the strands "over-under-over" like a French version, I used the Dutch version of "under-over-under."  I think if I do a video of this look, it will have to be in front of my mirror so I can keep everything straight while I'm braiding!
     One thing I noticed about this braid was that it disguised several inches of my hair length.  When my hair is down it reaches my ankles, but you can tell from the pictures that in this braid it looks shorter, if I can say that :-)
     Thank you so much for following my hairstyle posts, I hope you have a beautiful day!


(and a beautiful Micronesian sunset)

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