Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lace Halo & Braided Bun

Hi everybody,

I hope you had a lovely day today.  I am so excited to see how quickly my newest hairstyle video is gaining views~ thank you, my friends!  Today I started off by combing my hair to one side, then making a four-strand lace braid (I seem to be using four-strand braids a lot lately!)  I put the rest of my hair into a high ponytail, but instead of using a ponytail holder or elastic I made an English braid.  Then I clipped a hair clip to the base of my English braid, folded the braid over and around the clip, and wrapped my halo-lace braid around my bun.  I held my hair in place with random hair clips and a few bobby pins.  Thank you for coming by to see my new pictures!


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