Wednesday, September 6, 2017

At last I see the light! Tangled Lanterns display in Japan

Hello everyone,

     How absolutely thrilling to get to see the Tangled lanterns display that is currently happening in Tokyo, Japan.  I saw pictures on Oh My Disney! a few weeks ago, and never dreamed I would actually be able to visit this incredible display in person.  You can read all about the display here, and I can honestly say that the experience was everything I hoped it would be.  The Japanese people were as excited as I was to see the lanterns in person, several girls in line also had Rapunzel-themed outfits~ so "kawaii" :-)

     Thank you for visiting my blog and coming with me on this amazing trip.  I wish you a lovely, light-filled day.



  1. Amazing beautiful ...saw the clip on you tube , you totaly look like a princess

  2. That's exactly like in that animated movie. Wow!! I have wanted to visit japan for so long but never really had the chance...I Guess I would have to find such LA venues where we can recreate this beautiful spectacle. So amazing!